Believe it or not, nothing about my website here, is intended, or designed, as means of attracting more attention to myself than is my own worthiness in Heaven above enabling I receive in God's will.

Rather, this website exists so as I may provide this URL as a refence point for anybody asking of me.

Furthermore, I have intended and designed via following God's will in my life, that my website is not easy to read, decipher, absorb, navigate, negotiate, pick up on, interpret, nor understand.

  You may hereby understand that if you will know of me this is going to be hard work on your part.

I wish you succeed if your will is well towards life, love, and Jesus Christ.

Say aloud and
Say this now
(What this content is all about
Is that we didn't see
The end of the world coming
Because Jesus New Creation
Is already surrounding
All of us all the time)
Saying “The end is nigh, and
And in that how you say this
My poetry will gain no more than
The ills at the end of your own context
As the colored glasses your reading might be
Able bear witness of what my witness be
I tried and tried relate unto your mind
Yet failed until I so say
Jesus is here and I am O.K.



Matilda's Waltz (how to)

The guarantee upon which professions all cede
. . . . . . . .“how to” their means to suc-____
“Their means to” their means to ___-ceed

Plus "can do" and whatever else the Nicolait unto
What the anti-christ did unto Babylon no plan                                     (Because when doing is done God's will will have won)
Yet as families ceded unto communities and
Community unto the family no pirate found
And as for how poetry’s meter will scan
When an answer of any question about
“how to” whatever need perceive you
Included ill false assertion as though
“how” was no more than “to”
Blame shirk and defame
Well then the guarantee if true will need that you
Increased your suspicion in the lesson of how
And claim your own need of true feelings being
Every true “how” and in “what” be the need asserted of
How lessons stand true in time’s wreck of
The way ka-fa-ra entered each profession and
In falsehood had claimed
Their shirk against themselves as their only way
For if anybody ever was dependent upon
Such error as if at source
Of lessons well needing be taught
Then those errors need to have become proven somewhat
Well before blaming of could succeed
At how to seem to have been
Whatever achieved something indeed
If something indeed be the result believed
While since in knowledge of such as what was
Behind these words I’ve no exit clause
From accountability in needing men will see
Why no shirking be
My only reasonable belief in reality
Even when what came to be
Got imagined fancifully
As if impossibility
Yet what if in reality how nation states dismantle shirked economy
Hidden in means between the community and the family
Be by one hundred percent tax upon the assets of the dead
No matter what previous legal assertion as deed of will can have read
And combined with insisting every incorporated body need attend
To ensuring majority shareholding within same national boundary
As such new law dictated will be applied to and of all
Well then if who sung the song that gave thumbs up
To all which was how every other song became as if too numb
And had based such as became such fame
Upon my own will to have had no say
As if bowing out of political play
Justified sins which defamed
Innocent minded insistence in
No shirk being the only way
About whatever happened to have happened
This day and just the other day
When I did no wrong in what I did not yell
“But” nothing and neither did I wrong in what I did
When “how to” flipped its meaning my way
Just the other day
Revealing how the ka-fa-ra shirk had been feeding
And will not every true profession now
Somehow need cede unto how
If whatever the community
Something or other the family
Yet revealing thus if opium became all piracy
And opium’s addicts do nothing at all
No matter what they mean in their fall
How now some things that stay
Within a family
Were that which was what ever
Needed a community
Yet ever are all communities
Reality of worth based in each and every
That if any profession ever had I
Definition between how my
Father with my mother will bind
And exposed unto those
Of who the shirk intended in mind
All my words here when they seek to undermine
Within my forgiveness will transpire
How in reality a realm above meets realm below my life
And might just might also guarantee yours if
And only if men love their wife
Mothers love their every child
And we all love our father no matter how mild
And as for which land
Could sustain such law changes as
Might still yet indicate what
God’s sovereign rule every commands
Us as we stand at the juncture
Of Heaven and Earth and
Pray for the governance by
Legislative rule which was why
What we find as tracked back in kind
Into Islamic misunderstandings of all God is commanding
That if this here one land
Large red island and grand
Ever in truth such change can
After breaking the record for
Longest time spent in capitalist growth yet
Such changes need also bind even if already spent
Was the energy with which we could have made
Ourselves all into belonging to land
As legislative entities unable demand any right
Beyond what God’s sovereign control might
Since none of us as yet
Have proven ourselves worth claim upon Earth
Except just one man is Jesus I understand
That for ownership in legislative justice
Between deeds of title and leasehold might we all
Read that nothing can yet be real
And in reality well held in steel
Bronze Silver and Gold
Welded and melded somewhat too bold
From fireworks to guns and asteroids no more fun
Since it is that perhaps now in time we must
If not to be reading in all Islam was seeding
Are ever the same seeds as
Jesus Revelations given unto man
Thus unto every single one of us
That unto every indigenous wish
No matter what country nation land
So long as making animals their animal form
Soon enough peace will find us all
The lingering famine of God’s mirth
Until we all care more for God’s land
Being every and all quarter of the Earth

Some Fine Print

This website fulfills a number of functions.  In the first place it is an experimental engagement in the process of interactive online story telling, (and specifically finding out how much can be achieved without much money, that amount being what is affordable from within an australian disability pension; and bearing in mind that even centrelink incomes in australia, make all australians among the richest 20% of the world's population ,  such that what is not much money for me, and is a lot less than most australians, is also a lot more than at least 80% of the world's human population). 

In the second place, this website is a personal memoir of sorts.  I hope it will also prove as humorous as alarming it may be, in reality, (that is, humorous despite the full content of the memoir). 


In the third place, the experiment of conveying online narrative extends into the fact of this narrative carrying a healer's story of the kind that ought never be told unless conveying healing.  (I use the word "healing" not "health" because health can not be commodified as objectively definable when being conveyed to in public, whereas healing implies the ongoing process which requires work from the person in receipt of potential health improvement).   Therefore, if there is no other healing you might find herein, I pray at least laughter therapy will relieve your burden, (although that ought not be my intent, and neither was my intent most often); and, if, on the other hand, you believe, well then my prayer for your good health by your healing yourself through God's Son investing his love in us ourselves, is beyond my own words. 


Fourth I am finding myself wondering about how to learn more about website building.  And finding I am unable to disentangle myself from this experiment at this URL, within current content of what I have shown of my story here,it is being retained perhaps inexplicably.   However, I am moving on soon into another few URLs (in particular at , a website still under construction,which will have much the same content as this).

Last but not least, there is, I will report of this my experiment, a clear interface between this website, its design process, and indigenous Dreamtime reality, and as per the entire narrative herein, . . . somewhat a reflection of my mind and my holding onto the stories of many characters of Dreamtime story, (some rather oddly anonymous in this life, and in this indigenous australian "two way" cultural form in which Angels still might descend to Earth and walk as men), who hold well a real tradition alive.  And hopefully, my Dreamtime stream of consciousness grammar will be available that all readers may appropriately comprehended.


WELCOME to my website.  Perhaps I need provide my apology in that I like avoiding making my words too easy to read.  Yet the difficult passage of your reading of me, I might wish to claim of as my guarantee I have lived in equal difficult passage of time, and this is after all my life, and my efforts to provide of, something of that the story can be, read of.  That thus this passage of prose, will be containing a certain well defined warning, and I intend not that my warning might prevent you feeling welcome here reading my words, and examining the content of my website.  Pleased to meet you as an online observer of my work, my name in this world is "Rebekah".  Rebekah can be somewhat cautious towards those who approach, yet will that you are welcome in approach nevertheless.

Rebekah's poetry contains an exorcism inherent.  This exorcism is available within reading the words with all good intent.  If you seek reason to fault her words, they will appear as though faulted, but, if rather you prefer believe her reasoning, in weaving an exorcism through all of her writing, you may receive what your health will need. There is not any evil intent in Rebekah's words, my words, within which I refer to myself from the point of view of True Spiritual reflection about the carnal body I am named being Rebekah.  Without all ill being my intent, you will find your own health outcomes will either stay the same or improve by how you read my language. And the only risk to you in reading, was if you had projected your own ill intention forwards into this very future you are now reading me, Rebekah, within.  In that case better I forewarn you of my suspicious mind in this respect, of what I ever know better than to have been up to myself.

An exorcism embedded within language is unlikely from many points of view.  An exorcism existing at all will likely seem incredible within a Westerner's set of reflections about meanings in words.  And non-Westerners are just as likely to find this incredible in that English words are capable of carrying exorcism leading into good health.  I have shared all such doubts myself.  And all I might add of what is likely or unlikely, is that many of Rebekah's poems, my poems, are obviously lacking editorial insight, from the point of view of the word smithing professions.  However, it is as often as not within these very extraneous words . . .

. . . the overt truth is, as explicable as the story telling woven around the poetry, of prose being used as well, and which also sustains Rebekah's exorcism, also most often in rather many words.  The exorcism is essentially Christian because it would not have been possible without Jesus assisting Rebekah, in that a significant fact in her story of developing and giving birth to this exorcism, happened when she saw Jesus standing in the doorway of the home of a dangerous man whose express intent had been preventing her from imparting good health within his own life.

Given that the man in question, himself a kediatchure man (shaman), had already threatened with knowledge of a gun, and already woven his own entrapment around Rebekah when she saw Jesus, and happened to have just received a large shipment of illicit cannabis grown at land where his name is representing his interests via the vehicle of legal documents; it is a real miracle that Rebekah is alive today.  Thus Jesus providence of salvation is unable to be disputed in Rebekah's world, no matter how hard that aforementioned man did try, and try he might as her betrothed husband within indigenous culture.

Yet what he most of all tried achieve, be to prevent Rebekah's poetry from becoming known, because he fully realized she could write in a way which prevents his projection of ills upon anybody he wished to discredit, who was everybody he had not himself raped; (or not as successfully raped as he was hoping to so do, in the case of Rebekah, because she accepted in full, the totality of her own liability for her presence in his home, where, as evidence of her self acceptance of her witness, she saw Jesus).

Let me make here, that one sad strange point, normally silent, more explicit: we might experience lacking the feeling of true love in the actions of another who sought to engage in sexual intimacy with us, but we can not thereupon gain by blaming that person, and in fact we know not their motive most often, and perhaps it was that the instance just had to happen because it happens to be preventing of worse.  In this consciousness, about all such events  I AM INVIOLATE; but thus as the abandoned "promised wife", of a medicine man who had turned more bad than his community could have already realised, I become consistently stuck with playing the badder roles than I might like in this life.  This fact I need accept within understanding myself to be blessed with the credibility of a huge part to play in damage control in our collective dreamtime.  I may seldom appear worthy of being supplied with a good social reputation thereby, and yet it is my honour that my credibility of witness is standing firm in the minds of real Angels among men.

In the fact that it took seven years for Rebekah to ensure enough other men, (most of whom are also indigenous), know what that one man was up to, is testimony only to indigenous men's high levels of expectations of social responsibility for one another.  Any bad Shaman will always be alike a treacherous big kettle of metaphorical fish to have caught out red handed, and in this case, also a lot of beefy bullshit, big footed marsupials, fine feathered friends, deep rooted giants, heaven alone knows how many monitor lizards, snakes, scorpions, and spiders, and worst of all what shows me up at my best, a plethora of microbial life forms.  The germ warfare shamanic journeying survival guide, being a book I have yet to find any cause to need write, please heed my good warnings for traveling the way with me. This is a way seldom walked because this is the way of learning how to carry diseases so well as that the only impact of the disease projections of evil minds, was of learning resilience and developing greater immunity.  I hope my poetry will enable this in everybody who seeks this learning.

These here words have the link to click, for if by curiosity you think, of one wrongdoer I have mentioned, if you must know what he has done (2U), see here that the one, person to have to have known, and in long detail never flown, ought never have had to be female, yet at home that in his own, in the world called faery am I known, for by him a world among many strange things, the need I of him mention, be the need nobody female can have did.

Finally, I wish that I am able communicate a specific fact unto the knowledge of every Shaman, about myself and my presence as I can be encountered journeying. I hoped to be able to prove a point here in just one paragraph, and perhaps this will, but as the draft is many, and as in words I may dwell, pictures make a way between this paragraph and my words for those who will journey with me.

I have no idea

. . . placing poetry, and videography of reading poetry, online, will always be somewhat experimental . . .

. . . because via the means of this here internet, in time, will prove to belong, much which men would never have wished bear witness of, . . .

. . . and yet if once we realise what inevitable factors conspired ensure the internet exist at all,... . . .

The upper, the middle, and lower realms, represent through my mind a little differently today than as I have ever previously experienced.  In my experience, of the upper world, my presence is always accompanied by Jesus;and hereby,whenever I had avoided following his teaching, the upper world of His Kingship in MY life, had no entry.  Many beings of light inhabit this realm, and are only visible in my experience when expressing perfection themselves at every level.  My understanding of why my experience of the upper realm, may seem somewhat precious in moments when I am witnessed to be entering this realm, is in that I have understood Jesus teaching; and in particular understood him in his role as Shaman, truly in command here, where the principle of love is always as he taught, whether or not we each individually have learned this understanding of him and from him.

My understanding is resplendently comprehensive of all that was done that misrepresented Jesus love, and in this fact, if ever I experience any example of that misrepresentation, I will descend into the middle realm(s) where such can be better processed, and corrected.  I understand these realms to be the collective human patterning of how we all are representing each of three substances within just one substance.  That one being Hope, within which all rituals are conducted, with Faith the adjunct fact enabling love as the carnal form will experience love via its sphincters and diaphragms.  Within the substance of pure Hope, faith represents as the upper realm, love represents as this middle realm, and hope represents as the lower realm(s).

Now here in the middle realm, misrepresentations of love can become more accurately represented as the mistakes which these were, and then once accurately represented, will descend into the lower realm by means of transfiguration into one or many more of Mother Nature's very many and various forms.  Each transfiguration according tribal family, density of error, and pattern within tribe and density.  These processes are according to a set of ideals I learned from the combination of indigenous australian Dreamtime comprehension, (including through Corroboree in youth, and friendships, as well as family), and the form of "esoteric Christianity", conveyed through the teaching of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, (his name in his native tongue of the Armenian form of ancient Greek, is george son of john son of george), connecting of course with both Essene Monastery, and Shambala.  Perhaps you had heard that another word, like Juppurrula, (Janna, or even Israel), might be better to use than the often misunderstood notion of "dreamtime".  Many say "Dreaming" these days, and my belief is that these words are all in reference to these same three realms of all of our Shaman journeys; although "israel", being a word we more associate with the Abrahamic traditions and thus Jesus, we also more associate with our ideals of his Kingship: the Kingdom of love's worth expressed as faith represented within the fabric of our hope.  And yet while we can hardly believe commercial publications such as exemplified by the Watchtower, give rise to the totality of our comprehension of this upper realm, we may need accept that for many very innocent folk, such examples are reality.

This ideal, mainly instructed via indigenous dreaming, is that our middle realm as we each experience this,is always involved within truthful representation  of our daily lives; and the great work all Shaman enable in this realm, accords that everything less than real, transfigure itself into one of mother nature's forms entering the lower realm, whereupon it begins to serve the upper realm by revealing itself as also a real phenomenon.  The lower realm now becomes the cleansing that is enabling of the upper realm to be ever more perfect.  And thus if we had lacked the faith (and faith oh hope) required above, or had this faith removed from the substance of the self of the carnal body's ability of insight, we were capable of encountering a number of potential difficult outcomes.  For example: a misrepresentation of the upper realm of our journeying, might manifest in our mind, and in truth be a pocket we have conceived of as safe, in the middle realm.  Much of what I do with homeopathic prescriptions, is attenuating the carnal biology into perception that such could have happened and we could have had our friends confused with foes and vice versa, and that in this perception, the middle Kingdom can become better comprehended, interpreted, and understood, and thus its many gates more readily are open.  Jesus teaching in the upper realm of his Kingdom, within which will be many more minor Kingdoms and Kingships as ever, (each Godhead of old gradually accepting Jesus function: is a hard perception to hold if without certainty as to when in time each such higher Spirit being, is, in our own mind now, compared with when in time each is embraced within a true role by Jesus), is enabling that this understanding, as I am describing, will never exclude anybody from learning.

The journey can be hard work, and sometimes it was that, if we had not enough solved every riddle and puzzle of the middle realm, according ourselves safety here as well as in upper and lower realms. In this middle realm of riddles and puzzles and labyrinths of descent, perhaps the biggest question of all, the biggest mystery in time, is as to why Jesus is first to have these all solved, ahead of Satan, and ahead even of Isiah, and Adam, (who we may also think of as both Brahma, yet is not Isiah truly the same guy as is Zeus).  Of course there are rules for solving every puzzling riddle, and no doubt the answer is in that Jesus obeyed every rule of which he had need, and countered that rule of which he had no need.  In my mind, according indigenous Australian customary lore, each puzzling riddle can and will be solved in time such that truth is revealed, by cause of attributing into Mother Nature's lower realm, all that is of her, and attributing into Jesus Kingship in the upper realm, all that is of he, and is all we know of truth of love.  A process very often leaving Satan in control of what we know of the middle realm, (if we know nobody following Jesus well),which places us at risk of becoming at a loss as to know where the gates between worlds are, and in that fact might we find it hard to enable the health of others without bringing hardships more upon ourselves in the middle realm.

The fact we need remember here, and remember well without fear in ourselves and also without stimulating any fears in anyone else, is that pestilence, war, and famine, each have their role, and are the phenomenon of our having confused one realm for another.  May a simple pestilence of your own microbiome rage war within your tummy preventing you from eating if you have feared these words I write.  Better we are enabled no confusion between the three worlds of all Shaman's journeys, a risk of confusing also, our own super-ego with the upper, our own id with the lower, and our own ego with this middle realm.

My Faith is that these hardships of accepting the burdens of solving the riddles another person may present us with, are never too great a burden, whenever we have understood Jesus Kingship above, yet are nonetheless hard work,involving pain and suffering and demanding much resilience and fortitude.  When we ask that our prayers be heard, and we sing our songs within loving acceptance of the prayers of everybody, Pure Spirits in the upper realm ensure that suffering in the middle realm will be appropriately counterbalanced by lessons in the lower realm, and neither will ever be too great a burden.

The burden of time in these lands of timeless dreaming, is a true and real and eternal blessing.  You may experience me to be,by cause of my aforementioned marriage, somewhat seeming trapped in this middle realm, as of course I am willing to be at the threshold of.  Yet how I am perceived in the lower realm, is free if only you will see me here.  While for the time being now, unless you are in the moment of following Jesus, I am invisible in the upper realm.




My  Enemy  Within

when the enemy who forced their way in,

imagined a win against whose house they are in,

their loss was every loss of the owned house

yet now what did

be Obvi-

When the very worst of the world's
Problems transmitted its own solution
Then we are free to learn what for of ourselves
Will be.

Yet if we did not
Accept that I be
Capable yet discern this is he,...

We would never let her would we.



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The source of this pain is benevolentting is unknown of indigenous australia . . . in general Wandjina Spirit Beings are certain of themselves . . .

That this photo of a painting,  Came to me via Facebook and,  A Facebook friendship I quote from,  Found online copyright owner unknown, It is thanking of Facebook friendships, Thanking of painter who painted this,  Thanking of Wandjina and Aliens, I ought state if a copyright owner wished, It can be either removed or attributed, If only I am to know who paints this, 

Wandjinna Painting an Alien space craft ship

Next Steps...

The construction of this website came to a halt well before I felt satisfied in having built it how I like.  Yet for now it is as it is, retained beyond being archive, and simply as something I have made.  Perhaps I whittle away at its edges still from time to time, but this URL found a stasis of a kind, well meaning, and yet somewhat too blind, by cause of surrounding environment at the time of initial construction.  Therefore, if you will like looking me up online elsewhere, for more knowledge of what this website's cause is, and why I might be continuing to produce content online, and what the real story is, try the button to the right, and/or, this URL:

Otherwise just trust that this website will be worth your while in exploring; yet questioning of yourselves as to the meaning in my use of the word "worth", as I may make no claim nor personal gain by, this presence online have I.