What This Website Is

So far, this is only an experiment.

If we like the result, we keep it up online, and possibly expand the action of.

My "we" is Royal, (and so is my "wee" if by olden day measure of Sovereignty you need measure my toil).


Our Story

There is a huge giant story that is going to be unfolding at this URL.  The story of becoming Shaman.  Whatever you pretend to understand of that word "Shaman", please continue within your own understanding, as I seek not to challenge your predisposition towards keeping your good health, and/or saving face.  My intention is an expansion of everybody's conceptual ability at understanding what good health is, and why and how, the healthy human body sustains a homeostasis in which disease is encountered without fear, and processed through bodily acceptance of the lack of ease, coming from an internal mindset, which has had external motivation which we have erroneously internalized.

In fulfillment of my intention, my very oddly founded training instructs me, within this culture I exist within as an australian, that I need assert my own personal story so as to furnish you with enough reference points in my world, as that you will be able choose your own outcome of belief with respect towards everything I am willing express. My advice is your most specially beneficial outcome will be by believing what I am going to be explaining, expressing, and revealing. Yet I suffer under no delusions around the likelihood you will be believing in my advice. A 50/50 chance is neither good enough, nor too good. However a 3:3:1/3 percentage rate of play is likely, which ever number in that equation you have related with, and the other one third of all persons can do their ant like thing without impacting upon me.

Meet the Team

It is just me really, at the face of what is going on here.

There is also my family whose support I have. Biological family whose red liquid blood I share, and extended Kinship family with whom I share etheric blood up, of the Emu, in Judah.

And the whole family of the body of Christ, in particular at Ephesus and to all Shaman who approach I say As'salamu A'laikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh Inshallah Anathema Maranatha

Whenever it is just me, it will be in Heaven there are many whose love I depend upon receiving, and whose love I acquit myself among.


Sun and Moon

Within Aboriginal Australian Dreamtime Stories, is one special story about the sun woman and moon man, more properly translated into moon boy and his sun girl.  The story is set at the beginning of the world.  The first man, (who we need take to be Isiah), learned how to make fire, from his younger friend, the moon boy, who gave him reason to be making fire.  In return the first man gave some fire to the younger fellow, and his girl, and they became the sunshine the moon's light reflecting the sun at night.   The sun girl might be thought of as Lillith within the Biblical context, and moon boy is Hosanna.  Their story is one of the Sovereign stories of indigenous australia, and informs how this website is forged.  Yet is of somewhat less importance overall, as is another story, of the First Man in the Southern Cross, another man altogether than Isiah.  Within indigenous australian customary lore, it is understood that sun can be feminine, and moon masculine, in a way unrelated to the deeds of the body and love's flow, and rather related to how the function of the self is to become a reflection of God's will. Thus the moon boy owns something of a Wicca of Women folk, for as Lilith, sun girl is already named to be Babylon, and redeemed because she accepted the blame of many without ever once enacting their deed they faulted her with.

The Sun is older than the Moon, and the Moon got born out of the Earth when it broke away from the Earth prematurely.  These facts fit this story.

(who composed this website via random wordpress theme, . . . soon to belong within less randomized scene)

Rebekah Copas

I have no idea

You should be able to discern that this whole website is about me, and yet it is also about everything other than who I am, yet it will only be by discerning my nature, in myself other than human, that you perceive what reality is through me.  Unless of course Jesus will answer your prayers with knowledge of my humanity.

There is an "about" page about me, at docs.com, built with the new microsoft sway software: https://docs.com/rebekah-copas/about

And the most relevant fact about me is my Christianity, whether or not you are able believe me in this fact, that for those struggling to be able to so believe, there exists a long, boring, and mostly out of date, personal testimony playlist at the link so labelled My Personal Testimony which may move its location from time to time.

Apart from this making of online content you are observing, and apart from being obviously a bit mad, (with a post traumatic stress disorder triggered in my early thirties by marijuana withdrawal immediately after a relationship breakup exposed the psychosis of the nine year relationship, but caused by being caught in a mountain slide in youth combined with infancy trauma: none of which is any excuse), my time is filled with motherhood, (my first priority at all times ever since conceiving my oldest offspring, nearby the deepest lake in the world, while traveling the trans-manchurian express train,in 1991), writing badly often but not always in poetry, (there are lulu dot com links somewhere perhaps), making objects of magnetic resonance out of stuff I find lying around, prescribing homeopathy and providing a massage for anybody able approach me and express the need, and general learning about life within the scope of what can be called "the fourth way" if called anything other than lessons in reality.


Moon and Sun

this image I found in pinterest

in a page called only Sun Pictures

The text says "live by the sun and love by the moon".  This fits with a concept of our true Spirit and Causal body (that is the immortal functioning body made by God), existing only ever within the pattern of God forgiving us, while the Self, exists only ever within the patterns of what we are capable of forgiving God by remembering.  Our forgiveness of God, that is a love moving in the upwards direction, is an involution process.  God's forgiveness of ourselves, through Jesus, and if not then through another Angel below him in ranking in Heaven, (and we need hope it is an Angel surrendering into Jesus Kingship), is a love moving in a downwards direction, just as Church bells ring out a descending octave, and is an evolution process in which God loves every living being.

Next Steps...

I still have not figured out what aspects of this website theme-template I will be keeping, . . . and if you want to let me know what you think, use the contact field.