To whom this maybe could concern

Reading these words you might be warm

If your warm less warm than hot

About how cooling that which was not


But warm will you to what

Please do not question me of

With that concern in your chest

Please never remind me what best


While I really truly have no intent

To produce the laughter in the chest

Understanding laughter is therapy yet

Might I ask you please adhere to strange test


Standing up just pronounce with posture correct

"Ha ha ha", followed by "he he he", and

"Ho ho ho", and now what next will be

I do not know


And that I don't know why

In this life here now I find

Myself less able than I like

Express whatever I might


The real reason being why

In reality my life, of strife some quite,

Becomes bound to internet by,

Whomsoever you be concerning yourselves with me, and yet


Whatever you believe as you may

Heed my warning before proceeding please pray

Know in reality what real story be real

Albeit allowed seem funny the feel


In all knowledge these stories are hard to believe

And I simply ask that you place your every need

For some brief comic relief right here with me

In therapeutic laughter improving health reducing fear


Just stand up and say

"Ha ha ha ha", and then "hee hee hee hee",

And now "ho ho ho ho", because hey hey hey

The joke is on me today


Joke being that all which was seeking

Prevent me expressing embedded meaning

Imagined false need to be preventing importune

My non-existent fame and excessive income monetary


As if such as the non-existent joke

Were already for fame and fortune bespoke

"Ha ha ha", "he he he", (predisposition queen be)

"Ho ho ho", hey diddly hey ho


Please believe I did not know

When word's stream arrive in mind flow

I may not be that you cool or warm

As much as that you are clearly warned (yet hereby word "warn" formed)


Inviting you cool down upon my rhyme renown

If you dare believe I will in time pronounce

Sweet measure of how you will weather

These obtuse words of mine like "flounce"


About how it time

Who caused what I believe mine

Was blaming every man who proves me

Simply for believing I am this true me


That now need I

Beg you believe I write

Of he no more

But all gone before


Be proving his score

To his own detriment if your

If you want to make contact with me, the most likely reason you will so want, is going to be a prescription of homeopathy.  Another reason maybe that you want something else which you see represented in this website, and wonder if it is available from me.  If you will be honest with yourself, about what motivates you to get in contact with me, that way you will be able to be honest with me, and will more likely succeed in getting what you want.

I suggest you could offer me some conditions in which trade between ourselves can take place.  For example, how we will be able communicate is the first necessity, and what you will contribute, in exchange for what you want, is nice to know in advance.

Homeopathy is perhaps possible via skype, but my preference is meeting face to face, which can be anywhere in the Brisbane region, and on special occasions of myself traveling, also elsewhere in Australia.  I have no current plans to travel outside of Australia.

While if you wanted to believe

Economic worth upon poetry

You could sign in and subscribe to me

But if I were to face

God's Eternal disgrace

By ever charging you a fee

Quietly you will find you believe

That becomes why no poetry was in me

As if to lend the Devil a hand

Jesus love will withdstand

contact details may change

  • Email
  • Phone
    0427 342 257
  • Address
    We live at Brisbane Queensland Australia
    but you will need work harder convince us
    if you imagined you needed my address prior to making me an offer yourselves. Before we meet, get real with me about what you think you need from me.