So far, the only question unanswered, is how to make magnetic resonators.  However I am disinclined to preempt all your questions, and will prefer encourage you to use the contact form in that matter.

Another likely question will be who is Hephzibah, and where is Beluah?  this link is the most precise answer, although I suggest if you need know more, that surrounding data is available via the same website

What’s your return policy?

Clients of my homeopathy practice, may have received a magnetic resonator alongside their prescribed homeopathic remedy.  And it can happen, that after the remedy is processed by the body, and the body's homeostasis is sufficiently adjusted, that the specific vibrational frequency of the magnetism, is no longer exactly what is needed, and they may like to swap it for a different magnetic resonator, for free.  These are durable enough items.  However the original exchange in which homeopathy prescription and remedy, and original magnetic resonator accompanying homeopathy, are all three provided, (sometimes an exchange for money, but not always) does not stand with being reversed.

What about Skype for homeopathy clients?

I believe some homeopaths are using Skype to interview their patients.  This maybe possible, depending upon whether you and I both feel like it will be beneficial.  You will need to be able to make me an offer worthy enough to convince me to open a Skype account.

Do you ascribe to a particular theory in homeopathy?

I first learned homeopathy from a strictly Hahnemannian homeopath.  Now I am studying at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, and finding much of George Vithoulkas theoretical bias, I already comprehend well.  I have also understood the Sensation method, and I prefer to prescribe always with the totality of symptoms in mind.  If I know a patient very well already, and it is a difficult and complex case, each individual prescription will not always be the most obvious one, but will cover the totality of symptoms.

My studies with the Hahnemannian homeopath, began in 1998, with a homeopath who had been my treating specialist since 1991, and who is an advocate of what he called "Gurdjievian psychology".  He encouraged me to read Gurdjieff as well as Hahnemann and other old texts in homeopathy.  I have also studied the first year of the Homeopathy degree when it was available at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and ceased those studies because I needed continue providing homeopathy for some private clients, before being advanced enough in the Endeavour course to use their clinic to do so, and their insurance was preventing them from letting students prescribe outside of their supervision in their student clinic.

At this time, in my online studies with Vithoulkas in Greece, I have no such restriction, and will be asking of clients whether or not they are prepared let my documentation of their symptoms, become part of the supervision process I receive from George Vithoulkas.  I will comprehend why clients might not agree to participating in such an assessment process, and will not unduly expose any client's story.

In general my approach with homeopathy, is to want as much knowledge of the client as possible, (Samuel Hahnemann indicated that collateral input from relations is often significant in curative prescription, and while I agree, I also believe, that if we use homeopathy to force a client into a self-observation they are not yet ready to receive, that might not be beneficial in the longer term health prognosis), within the general principle of it taking a village to raise a child, extrapolated out into it requiring a village worth of community support, to establish, retain and sustain, good health.  Using this kind of principle of community oriented health, I tend to work more as a Shaman maybe will, than as most homeopaths do in today's world.  For example, I do not have an office with a receptionist and waiting room, but I will meet any place a client feels safe and comfortable meeting me.

I believe that the law of cure in homeopathy, as first researched by Samuel Hahnemann, and much corroborated within Ayurvedic practice, relates also with the meridians taught of in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  That is, those channels through which the energies of disease ("cha"), and of good health ("chi"), flow in the body, are the means by which the law of cure in homeopathy works.  Disease needing flow downwards and outwards to become cured, so as to enable Chi flow.  Most often in cases of complex disease pictures, the body is exerting a downwards pressure upon a disease, in just one channel or meridian, and how homeopathy can be most beneficial, is in redirecting the disease into a more appropriate (more external, and less burdened) meridian.

I am also inclined towards using Art therapy techniques of "privileging the subconscious" while taking the case of any client who wishes to learn more about themselves, and is able sustain an emotionally supportive social network, enabling such learning.  This need be done with a greater degree of mindfulness towards the client being enabled direct the course of their own health care in general, because by engaging in a practice of privileging the subconscious, a homeopath will be able to source deeper psychological symptoms, and prescribe with a level of accuracy which will stimulate a deeper emotional process into recovery.  Therefore the patient/client need be conscious of this fact, and ready to depend upon emotionally supportive social networks, thus also capable of ensuring such a network exists.

I have been employed by families of addicts, to spend time among the social contexts of addiction, make an assessment, and if beneficial prescribe in that context.  There are dangers involved in such work, and I need enough recompense to make such jobs worthwhile.