These images below, are here for now, representing my background.  Not because I am a photographer, but because I don't care what you believe me to be.  All but one of these images come from nearby my home town.  The obvious odd one out, is in fact entirely relevant and at home among.  It had its own caption, that said, "the source of this pain is benevolent".  The other images are taken near a place which is a traditional indigenous gathering site for ritual ceremonies including initiatory rites of passage into manhood.  The same place had become a popular picnic ground among families of European descent, long before the Federation of the Australian nation state.  In my home town, the indigenous community are descended from further afield, and it is well known that the local indigenous group became massacred at first contact.  Yet if we have survived, perhaps it is because we have intermarried and passed as though our own worst enemy, getting to know the other as our own enemies of new disease within.  In this process, my only notion of my own role as an autochthon of this land, native, indigenous, aboriginal, whatever these words may mean, is in that my survival depended entirely upon becoming capable of decolonizing my mind and ridding myself of the mindset of being a Westerner.  A feat made possible because I found strands within Abrahamic religions and Asian religions, which tied me back into the cultural heritage of this land, whose own people needed learn from my onside Westerner's colonized outlook, just as much as I needed be rid of.  Standing at the top of long drops down into water, tends to trigger in me, an indigenous comprehension of place and time and the adult responsibility of an initiate.  Responsibilities I had to undertake in this life in my childhood, and in silent bearing with the poor repute that belonged to all the worst men in my home town.

The Great Feat Of Sanity

The great feat of sanity

In this predicament of being such as me

Might seem well beyond my grasp

When one's feed was fears might at last

Seem too pitiful to become known to have passed

Since the feel of fear was not enough feel of

Whatever anything might best because

The great feat of sanity

At last was not because

All fear could abide Jesus alongside

Knowing Satan's descent within all Babylon spent

Mother of the whores who

Blamed neither the poor

And enabled childhood safe for all

That any who fall

To disbelieving such worth

Are deserving their derth

In knowledge of the worst

The great feat of sanity

Is simply this belief

In me being me

And believing it is as it be