a “Portfolio” page came with wordpress theme

Wondering what to include in my portfolio, (and not wanting to remove this page from the website), at first I placed a few photos here, which are stills from footage shot during a recent visit to my home town. Photos of lichen. Less relevant than is auspicious, yet I eventually realised what ought belong here.

My next thought, was to mention that I am capable of producing videos, but these are not usually being produced within full professional standards, and so I am reticent to use this website to promote myself as a videographer. But I do have a youtube channel which is linked further down in this page, and have written something of the kind of videos I am producing, and the ethos of these.

And then after providing a link to the website where some of my poetry is recorded online, and the link to my main youtube channel for the poetry, (scroll down this page for both of these links), I figured that this portfolio page, is as good a place as any, for embedding the SWAY files I made as an experiment to find out whether embedding a SWAY file into a wordpress theme, provides a better means of showing videos from my youtube channel. Each sway file tells an aspect of the story of me being me, relevant if you know me, and/or, if you wish to know how it is I happen to belong among all those persons called Shaman.

Videos, and poetry, are not the only things I am making, but for now, if my magnetic resonators need be included in this portfolio page, they may become shot to video, uploaded into youtube, embedded into a sway file, and then also embedded into this portfolio page, eventually.

I am also displaying in this page, how I am able break one of the major rules of advice given in website design, . . . which is do not bother with producing content which merely defines itself as a descriptor of content. Why not? Answering my rhetoric for myself, I would think it might usually put folks of looking any further into the website, but if you have continued looking now, what is different about this, might give you a clue about why the usual advice was otherwise.

Video Production

Poetry Portraiture

I am good at framing faces and places and displaying essential beauty often misunderstood.  I have been producing videos of myself reading my poetry for about two years now.

It started as basic as basic is, with a stop motion telephone app, and by now, I am have Avid Media Composer well configured in a laptop, for short on the spot kind of 5-10 minute portraits.  Sometimes this can be achieved within 24 hours, and other times, the same quality end product will take all week.  For that reason I am tentative to offer my services in video production.

However, if you like what I do, you are welcome go ahead and make me an offer in exchange for me doing a video for you.  You don't need be a poet, or even need have much to say for yourself, and I will make a digital portrait if you wish.

My videography tends to look amateur but by design, and although this is in part because of me being new to much of the skill set in my forties, it is also because of a carefully thought through process of streamlining production into the flow of life.  I want that I am capable of using a camera and editing application to enable the truth, rather than letting the simple lies about time, as editing always was, define a more beautiful, consistent, and singular narrative, than is the reality occurring between film maker, and subject.  Another way of stating the same, is that I simply found myself wanting to follow my own internal adversarial attitude towards the meeting every of the professional standards I got taught at film school.  Not that I will not eventually wish I meet these; and not that I do not know how to; but that I think so far, I am more wanting to do a lot of practice, so as that, when the time comes that I lift my game in this area, I will be well practiced.  Well enough practiced as that the flow of the video making is a truthful representation of the subject of the video, and that the end product of a video, is a truthful representation of the flow of production as well.

Its all a bit Arthouse if I had to define a category of production, and I am still awaiting any indications of an awarding result, as time will tell.  Whatever you reckon of the worth, will be what I settle for the worth of my videography in your life.  And whatever that is, I am happy and content to be just mucking around experimenting with videography as a tool in conveying narrative.  Of the four examples following this, (click the arrows beside "no money in Jesus" to view), all got made on the spur of the moment, involving poetry I had been dwelling with a while longer.

Usually my portfolio is mostly poetry

Mostly harmless poetry

(as per blog with recent of)

If you want to read or hear more of my poetry, you have two options for now:



Story in Sway

Sway is new online software from microsoft, that is very easy to use, to make a presentation online, with pictures, text, embedded video links, etc. I have a long story I wrote, and it is being turned into Sway pages. So far just one, that is growing. Might be all in one, eventually, or a few, or many, of new pages connect via Sway.