Magnetic Resonators

Rebekah makes weird things named, apparently, "Magnetic Resonators", and she believes in allowing the mystery of this continue.

A magnetic resonator can appear as many various kinds of objects, perhaps like a thneed. However, my sales pitch is that you may have no need own one.

These are objects I make from found and cheaply sourced (recycled often) materials, which require good knowledge of Radionics, of why Organite can work, and of Magnetic therapy among various modalities of complementary and alternative medicine.  A significant part of my learning how to build these, came about in youth, when at my work in Community Radio, we needed rebuild a damaged radio transmitter.  My objects use all five elements in both construction and within the Dreamtime, of the sacred spaces of Heaven and Earth and of all of our minds. They can function similarly as how the "bio- photonic resonators" made in Czechoslovakia can work, among folk who practice whatever it was they called "reiki", using a name borrowed from the Japanese "mahikari" people. 

Magnetic resonators might be made specific to a situation and individual, or perhaps an individual finds the right one among those pre-made, and it is possible to do tests of the magnetic resonance qualities, and match that with a person's health need.  Sometimes these just look like oddities, and other times, like a purposeful decoration. I am willing trade for Magnetic Resonators, and prefer offers of other than money.


Rebekah is highly skilled with prescribing homeopathic remedies, and prizes this skill above many.  She is unusual among homeopaths of today, in that her learning in homeopathy took a very Christian route, but will hasten to add that all the good texts in homeopathy theory, are Christian.

Rebekah first began studies in homeopathy in a private study group in 1998, when she had already received treatment in homeopathy, for seven years. She began prescribing for herself in 2003, and then also for other people in 2009. She studied first year of the homeopathy degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health, but finding the teaching standard unsatisfying, she ceased her studies there before completion of their degree course. She is currently a student with George Vithoulkas in Greece, and prescribing regularly for friends and family. Included among those who have paid her with money for their prescription, are drug addicts, and their families, who have paid Rebekah in respect of providing an Exorcism she is capable of when the Spiritual healing process is also accompanied by an effort towards diet regulation, alongside her homeopathic prescription, (and providence of magnetic resonators because she does not take money for Spiritual health care, which is free via all prayers).

If anybody would like to receive homeopathy prescribed by Rebekah, use the contact form.  At this time, she is documenting some cases for examination and supervision by George Vithoulkas in Greece, and will not charge any money for patients who are willing allow their case be documented within the process of studies with the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

Poetry of Exorcism

Rebekah received the ability to write, during childhood, trained in school and by family, who always read to her from books.  But writing rhyming language did not begin until, in around 2007, age 39, a former bank robber blessed her with this ability in how he gave her his salute of gratitude for Christian compassion.

Finding herself very suddenly able to hear rhymes in mind, was just one among the many various weird events of Rebekah's life, which tend need the poetry process so as integration will proceed faster. She has this special skill, of dealing with weird and wonderful and sometimes scary situations, without being too badly disrupted.  Every disruption becoming her own process, eventually.

Rebekah also does the videography producing movies of herself reading her poetry. This is a one person gig, writer, producer, director, (d.o.p. is amusingly a Spirit Being), talent, and post. Very amateur looking it always works out when I leave my camera unattended to stand in front of it and read poetry.  But that is hardly a surprising result, because no Spirit Being I know can do much with money.  We nevertheless uphold stringent demarcation between myself, and my Spirit Guy.

Rebekah does not sell words, but will hold copyright firmly for her pattern of word usage.  There is the necessity of both holding copyright firmly, and refusing paid work as a writer, if the words she strings together, continue carrying her exorcism.

Magnetic Resonators can be difficult to find words about.

In this image, one of my resonators is hanging off a traditional mask from Papua New Guinea, which guards the entrance of our home.  I remember this one was difficult and complicated to be making, and is a favourite as a consequence.

Simpler Magnetic Resonator.

It is a joy to be able to provide such gifts at Christmas.

Next Steps...

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